Hun droom

Nerdalize is a company established and is guided by its mission of heating most homes using cloud servers. In addition to that, it seeks to heat almost homes by way of free heating. It is also a part of their mission to provide sustainable computing power to researchers and companies for only 50% of the total costs.

Het probleem

The main problem is that current data centers are considered as really a huge energy waster. Especially when combined, datacenters utilized a lot of electricity as compared to India. And, prior to the generation of CO2 emissions, it is far higher as compared to the airline industry. This is by far a reality in the industry of data centers. The very reason why the industry utilizes more energy is that forty percent of the total consumption of energy is allotted in cooling and in getting rid of the heat. This is definitely a huge waste.


De Oplossing

With the problem stated, Nerdalize has thought of a solution of placing the heat producing servers. These will serve as an aided heating system in most homes. The main purpose of the installation of these heating systems is that the CO2 emissions and cost are best avoided. This is an innovative and advanced set-up that drastically reduces and eliminates the gas consumption of household. In addition to that, the energy that is needed for the server cooling is also best eliminated. If the server cooling, free hot showers and building emissions are best avoided, the savings could reach up as high as three tons of CO2 for every household every year.


The impact of the energy generated from energy wasting data centers is an affordable commodity. In addition to that, it promises heat for free for most homes. The best thing is that the emissions are drastically and fairly reduced. With the cloud services that will be provided by the server heaters of Nerdalize, they actually have lower CO2 emissions as compared to the average datacenters. With the rapid use of cloud services and the share in global greenhouse gas emissions that continue to get larger every day, a more alternative and more sustainable option is needed. In this regard, cloud solutions are even more required.

The Nerdalize cloud services introduced will bring their good impact on the environment. The impact is as well highlighted that the server heaters of Nerdalize produce much less CO2 than a high efficiency datacenter. The server heaters are indeed taking a huge step further. High efficiency datacenters are now already producing almost fifty percent less CO2 as compared to the average datacenter. So far, this is good news.




Het is een super slimme, maar tegelijk ook een voor de hand liggende oplossing van Nerdalize. Zij hebben goed om hun heen gekeken en een bruikbare bron gebruikt om bij te dragen aan het reduceren van CO2-uitstoot en ter gelijk voordeel te verschaffen voor de gebruiker (huisbezitter, die kosten bespaart).