Hun droom

KarTent has its mission of working towards a more sustainable solution for the festival camping gear with one-hundred percent cardboard tents and for a complete reduction of waste on festivals.

Het probleem

A multiple-day festival brings out a problem; more stuffs that are usually left behind the festival camp site. There are lots of glasses, bottles and tents that can be found around. To calculate it specifically, almost one out of four people leave their tent behind on different camp sites around the world. People feel tired and hung over and they no longer feel breaking up their tent including carrying it along. This will entirely cause a lot of waste in particular in the Netherlands. This almost counts up to twenty-five thousand tent each year. This will never be and will never do something good for the environment.


De oplossing

KarTent is the main solution to this significant issue. This is actually a festival tent manufactured temporarily. This has also been made entirely out of cardboard material. In this cardboard, it will allow an ease and convenience of recycling the tent. This is due to the very reason that right after the festival, the used tent could already go to the paper recycling industry. Thus, they can re-use the tent to make schoolbooks, shoe boxes, toilet paper and simply romantic things.

The good thing is that this is resistant to water damage. A coating material and high-quality cardboard will be combined to produce this. Prior to the design, it will ensure that humidity and water will never be a problem.


Since the tent has a lot of cool stuffs to it and it is cardboard, it could simply and easily be printed. This will also give sponsors and organizations the opportunities to spread their message right through the tent. With such a sponsored tent, it will not be that bad for the festival goers. Sleeping also becomes a lot more convenient and cheaper this way.

The impact to users is that they will not get bothered by the morning light. If they would want to charge themselves up for the energy, they could achieve it and they could attend fully charged the next day. There is also no need to get worried about transporting the tent. The only thing that you will need to care about is now.

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Ze zagen een groot probleem op Nederlandse festivals. Nu hebben ze een missie om er iets aan te doen. Met hun product, de KarTent, verminderen ze veel afval op festivals.

In een poging van KarTent om afval te verminderen op festivals kan een groot succes zijn, omdat het de nodige problemen van feestgangers oplost en een aantal voordelen verschaft.

Als ze een nieuwe manier van recyclen van het kartonmateriaal kunnen vinden, in plaats van het alleen naar de papierrecyclingindustrie te transporteren. Ze kunnen niet alleen meer winst maken, maar ze kunnen de tenten nog goedkoper aanbieden, ze vergroten de kans op succes nog meer.

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