Hun droom

The Swedish Algae Factory aims to create a future society that is not depending on fossil fuel. It also seeks to develop algae-based wastewater treatment systems along with the objective to turn algae biomass into such a bio crude oil.

Het probleem

The main problem is that the implementation of green growth initiatives is difficult if the economy still relies on fossil fuels for transportation. In addition to that, even achieving more sustainable and greener societies is as well a difficult task. Good thing, Swedish Algae Factory has presented a solution to this problem.


De oplossing

Prior to the problem presented, the main solution will actually depend on a new strain of algae that grows in the polar ice. As per the algae, it actually has its high lipid content that makes it more useable for the production of fuel. It grows well in low light conditions and even in low temperature. This will allow Nordic countries of producing algae biomass at such a bigger and larger scale the entire year round.

With the effective and efficient use of this algae, the production of algae biomass can simply be achieved in an energy efficient way. This is also due to the very reason that it will no longer need artificial light and warming during the winter season.


Algae are actually considered as an underwater plant that is abundant. It is also easy for people to ignore it but they usually have their unique properties. They further provide benefits to industrial applications and solar energy.

With the use of algae that has 1 to 3 layers of nanopores, it can be utilized in different industrial applications. Through the Swedish Algae Factory, the focus is more on using them in increasing the efficiency of solar panels. Prior to the oil that has been produced by diatoms, it will be an excellent source for the biodiesel.

When the algae (diatoms) grow in number, they will capture nitrogen, carbon dioxide and phosphorous. Therefore, the algae cultures will become a combination of a trap of waste water treatment and greenhouse gases.




De Zweedse algenfabriek streeft naar een toekomstige samenleving die niet langer afhankelijk is van fossiele brandstof. Dit is zeer haalbaar vanwege het feit dat zelfs de regering van Zweden serieus is over haar doelen op het gebied van hernieuwbare energie. Het betekent alleen maar dat hun project net zo goed kan worden ondersteund en ondersteund door de overheid.

Er is toekomst om ‘s werelds eerste natie te worden die niet afhankelijk is van fossiele brandstof of fossiele brandstof gebruikt. Dit is mooie ontwikkeling, wat er wellicht voor gaat zorgen dat andere landen hun voorbeeld volgt. Daarbij helpt de ontdekking en ontwikkeling van algen de investeringen in decarbonisatie en hernieuwbare energie te verminderen!