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It is the main mission of the Ocean Cleanup to help the ocean cleanup itself. Nevertheless, this is only possible if the ocean of the world will be eliminated with plastic materials. This will be their strong pursuit to benefit the Mother Earth and the entire world.

Het probleem

The major concern of the ocean is the plastic pollution problem. In fact, almost over five trillion pieces of plastic are currently littering the ocean. The trash that accumulates in five ocean garbage patches has the largest one located between California and Hawaii. When this still circulates, the plastic materials will have their negative impact in the economy, health and ecosystems.

In addition to that problem, people claimed it that it is really impossible to clean it up when in fact it is possible to find a solution to this. Plastic materials have become a culprit in the major destruction of ocean.


De oplossing

The main solution to this problem is a combination of cleaning up all that have accumulated in the ocean and closing the sources. Their main concept is to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch through the use of traditional methods like nets and vessels. Nevertheless, it will only take years and even billions of dollars to be able to complete it.

Through the use of a floater, it will continue to concentrate and catch plastic while it provides buoyancy to the entire system. This is a recyclable and durable material that provides buoyancy to the entire system.

Prior to the systems, these mainly depend on the currents of the natural ocean. They also do not need an external energy source just to concentrate and catch the plastic. All of the electronics that have been used, like the AIS and lights, will be powered by the solar energy.

As the plastic comes up at the moving system, its speed is also substantially lower as compared to the fixed structure. This will now have its positive impact on the capture efficiency. Even the so-called down force right through the plastic will be smaller. If the down force is a lot lower, there is a higher chance that the particles will not be pulled below the screen.

In regard with the forces that the moving system will need to withstand, these are by far reduced than the fixed structure. The forces faced by the drifting system will be substantially less, despite the weather conditions.


The floating systems will capture small plastic that measure up to one centimeter. The cleanup system rollout will also clean up almost fifty percent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the next five years. Since the plastic materials have been removed, the chances that they will break down into dangerous and harmful microplastics will be reduced.

Thus, it will result to an ocean that is free from plastic materials in the year of 2050.



De drive die deze ondernemer heeft vind ik zo mooi om te zien. Mijn eigen ogen zag hij het probleem waar de oceaan tegenaan liep. Gecombineerd met wat hij echt leuk vind om te doen, dingen uitvinden, is hij tot een super slimme oplossing gekomen. Na het verkopen van zijn droom, heeft hij veel grote investeerders achter zich kunnen krijgen om zijn droom te kunnen volgen.