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Arcadia Power is an established renewable energy company founded with the common goal of making the world a better place. It seeks to change the way they power their businesses and homes from fossil fuels to renewable and clean energy.

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The main problem of the people is that they have no resources for the cleanest and best possible choices of energy. It is now what the company wants to resolve especially because with almost one billion energy bills that go out every year in America, only a few people understand where exactly their energy comes from.


De oplossing

Now, what exactly is the solution to the problem? Arcadia Power is thinking of putting the power back in the hands of people, in particular with the consumers. Their effort is much geared at fostering a community dedicated to sustainability and conservation.

Through the team of home energy specialists, team of engineers and clean power professionals, they re-imagine your experience in energy. They will also be ready to help people become efficient and sustainable. Since they are completely backed by technology and energy advisers including world-class investors, they will be able to be there for you. They will be able to solve the main issue at hand.

The community will be introduced to the wind energy. Right after the service has started, the monthly electricity will be monitored via local utility. In every kWh used, it will be matched with a kWh produced by the wind farm. The impact will be on more money saved in the long run.


Arcadia Power is truly changing the way that America is consuming energy. Being a certified B corporation, they are also considered as the best for the world in 2016. They also have partnered with leaders relevance to sustainability on a national level and on a local level.

So far, they have achieved it helping Americans in understanding the impact of the energy choices they make. They invested much in producing only clean energy economy. In just a short period of time, they already have developed valuable customer relationships with a customer base. Companies even appreciate it teaming up with Arcadia Power in building a customer-centric and energy-based ecosystem.

Moreover, they replaced the burning of seventy-five thousand tons of coal with two-hundred million kilowatt-hours of green e-certified wind energy. This is also intended for the customer’s satisfaction. They also have achieved a double digit starting in a month to another. It also has its 25,000 active users found on the platform.

In addition to that, its portable panel program is the nationwide and the first to have been introduced in the United States. It had also remarkably been a sold out in several days to clients across forty-two states.

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Met de manier waarop ze de huizen in Amerika van stroom voorzien, investeren ze in de toekomst van Amerika. Zij zullen de economie van schone energie handhaven en doen groeien, wat de samenleving als geheel ten goede zal komen. Het stimuleren van mensen om schone energie te gebruiken, is naar mijn mening iets geweldigs.

Belangrijk is wel, dat ze moeten blijven innoveren en hun diensten moeten blijven testen om zich te blijven onderscheiden en dus daardoor weg te blijven van concurrentie. Aan de andere kant. Hoe meer concurrentie, des te meer mensen groene stroom zullen gebruiken.

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