Packaging design

Packaging design is an important part of marketing a product. A package is more than just protection for transport. A packet communicates with you. It tells you something about the content. Playing on your feelings and trying to attract and seduce. At the same time, packaging still needs to be efficiently transported and cost-effective.

Many designers with packaging design do not go beyond the graphic aspect of a package. We always go one step further. The Business Factory can take into account both product design and packaging design. That distinguishes us from the rest. And because the processes are optimally matched, we can guarantee you a high quality.

Integrally designed packages.

What do we do? We design packages that are not only aesthetic but among other things also look at ease of use, ergonomics, and choice of materials. And, of course, we take into account the market and target audience, costs, and logistics. This integral process will ensure higher revenue and the strengthening of the image.

What we also do. From our field of expertise, we can also be of great added value for developing new products. By making business models and different analyzes we see where opportunities are.

With an integral packaging designs we have thought about:

  • Use
  • Ergonomics
  • Market and target audience
  • Design
  • Material & production
  • Logistics
  • Costs
  • Ethics


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