Marketing & Strategy

To be successful in your market, it’s about marketing and strategy! Strategic and commercial challenges are often found on different levels. Sometimes there is insufficient innovative capability, sometimes one does not think sufficiently customer-oriented or is insufficiently connected to the network of customers and stakeholders. In short: You are looking for the right course for the coming years.

The Business Factory advises companies on diverse strategic and commercial challenges. Together with your team, we develop the right strategic direction, renew your business model or help you take customer-oriented action. Our goal: To distinguish your company from your competition.

Choose a strategy.

We think ahead and deliver the essence in the stew with information and decision-making. What business are we in 5 years? How do we access new markets? What is the competition strategy? With solid models, we approach the strategic process that brings the outside world into the organization. We reduce complexity and come to clear choices. Not only reporting, but also smart process management contributes to this. We guide on multiple fronts: in the formulation of your vision and mission, your strategy, your fundamental changes of direction or the coloring of views.

5 stappen naar marktbewerking

Apply marketing and strategy into your product idea.

Who is our target group? What are their characteristics, thoughts, and habits? What budget can they spend on a monthly basis and what do they think is important in life? Questions that affect the design. We want to put down meaningful products that will improve the user in terms of experience, interaction or ergonomics. It is therefore important for us to get to know everything about the target audience. And not only about who they are but also about their environment, the products and businesses they are dealing with and the competing products that are already on the market. These aspects do not only guide us in the design process but also help to market the final product.

Want to improve your marketing & strategy?

We are happy to assist you. Contact us so that we can support you with your marketing & strategy or ask for a proposal.

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