Industrial design

Do you want to convert an idea into an industrial design? Our goal is to design for the end user. Our ambition is to launch meaningful products in the market, which provide a significant improvement for the user in terms of experience, interaction or ergonomics.

To develop concepts and products that are close to the end user, we apply powerful tools, we test with mockups and conduct different user surveys.

For the industrial design process, we use 6 phases. In this we let your idea go through the necessary processes to reach a final product that will not only address your target audience but will actually reach it.

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Phase 1: Idea analysis

The analysis is an important phase and continues almost through the entire process. A good analysis gives us among other things more insight into the possibilities, hazards, and requirements that must be imposed on the final product. This gives us insight to come to the realization of an idea. Issues that among others play a role are the environment, target audience, legislation, and logistics. In other words, “the problems that the idea will have to deal with that have to be solved and worked out”.

Phase 2: Idea development

Depending on the issues to be solved and the product idea, by the use of creative solution methods new ideas will be generated and mock-ups tested. The loose ideas are then transformed into integral ideas and eventually, concept proposals are designed.

Phase 3: Concept formation

In the concept formation, the subproblems of the draft proposals will be solved. These problems often arise from the solutions to the main problems that arose in the ‘idea development’. As in the idea development, these loose ideas are transformed into integral ideas, which will then be transformed into feasible product proposals. Which means that we know in broad terms what materials and production processes need to be applied, how logistics take place, the market positioning and what the costs are.

Phase 4: Market preparation

Based on the requirements and wishes, the design vision and in consultation with the client, a choice can be made which product proposal will be elaborated. In the industrial design, this is the last design phase. However, we do more to ensure that the time to market can be shortened and you can reach your target audience.

The detailed problems of the chosen product proposal are solved and the proposal is optimized. A prototype will be made to test the latest details and any adjustments will be made. Then everything is documented in an engineering package and made ready for production. The materialization is the final design phase of our industrial design process, in which the network of suppliers and producers is also established.

Packaging design
After the concept formation, we know what the dimensions are, what parts there are, what logistics requirements are being made and we know everything about the market and target audience. An ideal moment to start designing the packaging. A part that is often forgotten in developing a new product and is often at least as important.

A package today is so much more than just transport protection. A package ‘talks’ with you. It tells us something about the content. Perhaps plays a little into your feelings and tries to draw your attention. At the same time, packaging still needs to be efficiently transported and to be produced cost-effectively.

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Business plan
Still no business or business plan for your new product (idea)? You are not the first one. In fact, many entrepreneurs who do not need to go to the bank for money do not even set up a business plan. Often they are too eager to start their own business and no time is reserved to set such a plan up. In some cases, they do not exactly know what it implies and do not see the benefit of it.

Research has shown that entrepreneurs with a business plan achieve better results. However, a business plan is not a guarantee of success, but it does increase that chance!

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Brand identity
More and more companies realize the importance of a strong brand identity in word and image. In particular, products that strongly resemble each other must provide a clear distinction to gain consumer preference. Consumers choose not only on the basis of pros and cons, but increasingly choose on the base of the brand image.

The moment of working on the image is when a product proposal has been chosen, so after the concept formation. We advise to start with this on time. This can also be done at the start of the ‘idea analysis’, depending on the product idea. At that moment there is a complete picture of the market and the target audience. At this stage, the product idea really ‘lives’!

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Phase 5: Production

If the product design has been fully tested, any adjustments have been made and it complies with the legislation and the stated standards, the design will be ready for production.

When we set up production, we support our clients. We will guide the 0 series, after which the design and documentation will be transferred. If desired, The Business Factory can also provide complete production, assembly, and delivery.

As soon as production starts, product branding can be started to reach and win the target audience. Through knowledge we gained during the design process, we are able to set up fast and targeted campaigns and communicate in the language of the audience. You do not have to look for other parties who first need to understand you and do the necessary research in the target market and target audience. This will keep you walking straight, save a lot of time and ultimately additional costs.

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Phase 6: Market introduction

The most exciting during the introduction is the end user response. What is the first response? Are they talking about it? Is the product used as intended? Will the set targets be achieved or maybe even more?

Information that is interesting to know. With this information, we may adjust the strategy, set up campaigns, or optimize the product.

We do not only make sure that your idea is designed and marketed, but we also optimize existing products and help you reach your target audience. You can think of web design, search engine optimization, and cross-media campaigns.

Do you want to convert an idea into an industrial design?

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