Brand Identity

More and more companies realize the vital importance of a strong brand identity in word and image. The brand has existed for centuries and has taken a huge flight in recent decades. Products and services look increasingly similar and strong brands make up for the necessary distinction, for relevance and preference for target audiences. Banks and insurers have already discovered that their customers do not choose primarily on the basis of their products and services, but mainly based on the brand image.

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A brand identity indicates how the brand should be experienced by the target audience. By the use of ‘brand design’ this form is given in word and image; to make the brand ready for the market. Through different activities, the brand is established by the target audience and it forms an image of this; the brand image. See the schematic view below.

What do we do? We put down brand identities with which an audience can identify. Together, we will set up campaigns that reinforce this brand identity. With the aim of? Creating a brand image that is desirable!

Relationship brand identity and image

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