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“Every idea offers new opportunities.”
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What we do

We put ideas into integrally designed products.

We do this from a proven business model, as the starting point of each project. We believe that a good and clear business model, with the focus on the target audience, has the greatest chance of success.

Designing a product or packaging, writing the marketing plan, and developing or building brand identity are the processes associated with developing a product idea. This allows us to take the whole process off our hands and make sure that they connect seamlessly.

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    Industrial design

    We specialize in integrated product development. With a team of industrial designers, marketers, business developers and engineers, we put ideas into new products and optimize existing ones.

    Our approach ensures that ideas are integrally designed, meet the needs of the target audience and offer opportunities to be profitable for the entrepreneur.

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    Packaging design

    Packaging design has become an important part of marketing a product. A package today is so much more than just protection for transport. In many cases, it also has to sell your product or give the consumer a good feeling when unpacking it.

    Packaging design is a separate subject, which in our view is part of the design process.

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    Marketing & strategy

    Being successful in your market, that’s what it is about with marketing and strategy. They are therefore part of our design process and it contributes to our mission: transforming potential ideas into business that mean an improvement for the environment or user.

    It’s not about ‘us’. What ‘we’ consider nice, fun or good. But the target audience, the end user. With solid market research and the right strategy, we can develop products that really mean an improvement and are successful for you!

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    Brand identity

    The brand has existed for centuries, but it is becoming increasingly important to have a strong brand identity in word and image. Why? Customers do not always choose primarily based on products and services anymore, but mainly based on the brand image.

    The creation of a brand identity is therefore also a part of the development of a product or service. Each product or service needs a brand and certainly if it is aimed at consumers.

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