Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (also called SEO) is one of the cheapest ways to get more visitors to a website. Under search engine optimization, we mean optimizing a website to be more visible in the search engines.

What we do

The Business Factory not only ensures that your website is found in the search engines but also ensures that the important web pages get top positions in the search results.


Having a website is a prerequisite for being found in search engines. Want a high(er) position in search engine search results? Then it’s important to ‘speak’ the language of those search engines. They do not read what we see on the screen, they read the technique (code) in which the website is built. You want to stay ahead of the competition. Then it’s important that the technique behind your website ‘speaks’ the same language as the search engines. If they clearly understand what the content is, know which components are important and read them with a fast loading time, they will correctly display the pages of your website and give you a higher ranking in the results.


What are you found on? And where do you want to be found? Search engines ‘read’ pages on the internet and show the results that are being searched for. If you have a website that is perfectly optimized for search engines, but it does not have relevant content (text, photos, and videos) for the search, then you will understand that you will not be found in the results. It sounds so logical, but many people do not realize this. What do we do? We provide strong content, optimized for search engines or edit your texts and provide advice on images and relevant videos.


You can imagine that your competitors are focusing on search engine optimization and that some of your competitors already have a higher position than you. Our task is to ensure that you get a top position in the search results, with keywords that you want to be found on. A continuous process we monitor with, among other things, Google Analytics and the premium tool of MOZ. This enables us to respond promptly by performing specific tasks and also ensuring that competition does not catch you up.

Want to improve your search engine optimization?

We are happy to assist you. You contact us in a non-binding manner so that we can discuss what SEO could mean for you or ask for a proposal.

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