Product testing

It is important for us to know that what we have devised also actually works. Or when we want to improve an existing product, that we have established findings to actually optimize it. For that reason, ‘product testing’ is indispensable in optimizing a product.

There are special research agencies that are fully set up for this. Bodies that allow specific parts to be tested by the target audience and bodies that physically test products. With physical tests, one can think of testing for failures. For example, with product safety: under which voltage does a component break? From which fall height / speed a part breaks? Under what temperature do certain parts no longer work?

Also, products are being tested to ensure that a product complies with the Product Liability Directive. The Product Liability Directive has been established by law, standards that a product must comply with in order to get a CE mark, for example. The so-called notified bodies can perform these tests and issue a certificate for the tested product.

Product testing helps you and us to improve a product.

By making prototypes we can make ideas on paper tangible. Ultimately, it is the results from product testing that will bring us further! Whether they’re functional prototypes to validate technical principles, vision models to evaluate design or prototypes to perform user surveys. In all cases, it applies that the testing of it is elementary.

What needs to be tested specifically and its purpose determines whether we perform the test ourselves or let it be done by a specialized body. With our network and experience, we know which parties are most suitable for testing certain product requirements and wishes. It will save you time and you are sure that the correct instance is testing your product.

Important with testing is: What is being tested and how was the test formulated. Wrongly formulated tests may, among other things, result in results that are not important or have no added value. Our role is to find out which tests actually have added value to improve your product.

How do we test a product?

  • We test by use of prototypes.
  • Analyze products, study the standards and legislation so that we know which tests are crucial and of added value.
  • We formulate questions with the client that we can test.
  • We do tests with different users. And the most important, the target audience!
  • ink test specialists with the product and guide the trajectory.
  • If desired, we involve test specialists and we guide the entire trajectory.


Would you like to test your product?

We are happy to assist you. Contact us so that we can discuss what the testing of products can mean for you or ask for a proposal.

  • Enter a short description of the assignment and you target audience.
  • Often it is useful to know what budget should be taken into account.