Product engineering

Our designers have the knowledge in order to come up with technical solutions. But it’s our product engineers who go deeper into the technology and make sure that what’s devised can also be realized. They like look into detail problems, resulting in an engineering package that is used for prototypes or serial products. In the engineering package all the components are passed on and it, therefore, contains all the information a manufacturer needs to produce your product.

It is not only the developed concepts that are being engineered, but also existing products are being engineered. For example, we engineer existing products to ensure that in a product material is saved, logistics processes can be improved, parts become safer, and more. In this section we look at the details. Details in which often a lot of profit can be made.

Our product engineers are deployed in an early stage of the design process in the brainstorming sessions to come up with specific solutions. In this way, we solve problems from different angles. Experience shows that through exchange of knowledge and experience, components in the design process become more closely linked to each other, resulting in a more effective design process.

Product engineering with SolidWorks CAD software.

We work with CAD software from SolidWorks. This enables us to turn sketches into technical drawings or 3D drawings. SolidWorks currently has issued more than 1.4 million licenses and is a trendsetter in the CAD industry. With this software we can convert more than just sketches into drawings. We are, for example, also able to make stress analyzes and motion analyzes. In this way we can engineer and analyze products for safety and errors.

What are the benefits of product engineering?

  • An in detail developed production idea that complies with the stated requirements and standards.
  • Technical drawings of all parts of the product and a composite drawing.
  • Documentation of networking with suppliers and manufacturers.
  • An engineering package that allows manufacturers to produce your product.


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