Insight research

Success depends on decisions. With insight research, we can help you make better business decisions and improve your product across different parts. By applying different research and analysis, you get the right insight to make the right choice.

The success of your business depends on the decisions you make. We provide you with research, analysis, intelligence, and perspectives, so you have complete insight in order to make the best strategic choices.

We look, among other things, at the needs of your customers, market opportunities, industrial trends, potential threats, the competitive landscape, and other factors that may affect your product or business.

Our analysts consult the best sources and methods to get answers to your questions. We analyze databases, open and deep web resources, social media, publications and more. We conduct interviews with experts, customers and others who can provide valuable insight into the research. Then we analyze all collected information, put the findings in the right context, make clear reports with useful conclusions.

The result? Useful information that you can use to make easier business decisions and to make problems insightful so that your product can be a success.

Insight research to optimize your product.

Insight research helps us improve your product. It shows opportunities and issues that need to be solved to make your product more successful. When optimizing your product, not only the target audience and the market are important, but also your current product.

You may already have ideas on what points your product needs to be optimized. With the application of product-related analyzes, we can get even more insight. To map this, we use techniques like:

  • Value analysis
  • DFA analysis (design for assembly)
  • DFL analysis (design for logistics)
  • Tolerance analysis
  • FTA analysis (fault tree analysis)
  • Product Safety Analysis
  • QFD (quality function deployment)
  • FMEA analysis (failure mode and effect analysis)


Do you benefit from insight research?

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