Product optimization
“The real profit is in the details.”
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What we do

We optimize products for the end user.

In our eyes, the products we develop must have added value to the user or its environment. When optimizing a product, the focus is mainly on looking at detail problems. The solutions to these detail problems are not always noticeable for users of the product, but can, for example, save a lot of time within the product and logistics process. The result. Lower investment cost!

  • Insight search

    Insight research provides the right choices

    Make better business choices with insight research. The success of your business depends on the decisions you make. We provide insight so that you can make the right decisions and identify what components in your product are improvable in order to be more successful.

    You may already have ideas on what points your product has to be optimized. By applying product-related analyzes we can give you an even more complete picture.

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  • Engineering


    Product engineering is an important part of the design process. It makes sure that concepts are converted into producible products. This is, therefore, the most technical part of the design process.

    With product engineering, existing products can also be further optimized. Products can be processed so that materials can be saved, making components safer.

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  • Prototyping


    By making functional prototypes we can validate technical principles. And with vision models, we can evaluate the design. But prototyping is also of value for user surveys.

    All of these prototypes are often part of the end product or the exterior of a vision model. A valuable source of information, which helps to optimize a product!

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  • Testing

    Testing is of vital importance

    By making prototypes we can make ideas on paper tangible. Ultimately, it is the results of product tests that bring us further! Whether they are functional prototypes to validate technical principles, vision models to evaluate design or prototypes to perform user surveys. In all cases, it holds true that testing of it is elementary.

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