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The Business Factory: an industrial design agency that goes beyond just working out ideas.

We put ideas into integrally designed products, where we focus on the end user. We optimize existing products and help companies reach their target audience. A partner who can work out your A to Z idea into product and marketing can take care of your product.

The advantages:

All under 1 roof.
Strategic changes can be quickly addressed.
The time to market can be significantly shortened.
You ultimately save development costs.

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What we do

We help companies and individuals to market their ideas and reach their target audience.

We do this from a proven business model, as the starting point of each project. We believe that a good and clear business model, with the focus on the target audience, has the greatest chance of success.

Our expertise: industrial design, product engineering, packaging design, marketing & strategy, brand identity en online business.

Working out ideas

Do you want to work out your product idea into an achievable and realizable product?

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Optimize products

The real profit is in the optimization. Save time and money and optimize your product.

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Reach target audience

Both off- and online, we set up resources to reach your target audience.

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  • Testimonial

    … in a very short time, our business on Google’s first page.

    Gerda Veerman, Consulant bij Wijsman B.V.

    The Business Factory managed to convert Wijsman B.V. in a very short time and for a low budget on the first page of Google. Chapeau!

  • Testimonial

    … what started as a fun idea. To a product with potential.

    Leo Dijkgraaf, Creatief denker. Entrepreneur.

    With the development of our idea, The Business Factory has ensured that we can embark on a new interesting market. The core of the concept remained the same, but the result offers more opportunities.

  • Testimonial

    … it has really become a design product that suits me.

    Regilio Tuur, Voormalig wereldkampioen boxen.

    With a background in fashion, the design is very important to me.The new design is cheaper to produce and more energy efficient. That was exactly what I was looking for.

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We design for people. What matters to them matters to us.

It is designed for the user (and not for our ego). What does attract them? What puts them in motion? When designing, the needs of the target audience and ergonomics are important criteria. An overview can be seen below.
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About us

We want to turn potential ideas into business that will mean an improvement for the environment, people and animals.

The Business Factory is always looking for opportunities and new challenges in which the focus is on the target audience. Thats in our DNA. We therefore not only develop products on behalf of our clients, we also start up our own projects and work with partners. To put new ideas into the market that contribute to a better living environment or end-user experience. Our knowledge and interest goes beyond just product designs. We are therefore not only different, we also think differently than other design agencies. And that makes us unique.

  • Testimonial

    Dion van Lingen

    Founder / Business developer

    "I'm always looking for new opportunities"

    Dion van Lingen, founder of The Business Factory, has a good sense of audience needs. An eye for opportunity, improvement and/or new developments in the market. Analyzes from different angles and is always looking for new opportunities.

    Attributes: analytical, enthusiastic, shows initiative, brainstorming, travelling, culture, design, marathon running, judo.

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